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About Idea Machine

Got an idea that can save money or improve efficiency for the County? Don't keep it to yourself; feed the machine – the Idea Machine!
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The Idea Machine is an online community where County employees can propose, suggest, brainstorm and initiate improvements and keep track of how these are implemented. We want to hear from you. All ideas are welcome. No idea is too radical or too simple. Who knows, you could be holding on to the next big idea!

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Submitted ideas are read by Idea Specialists, a team of County employees who are experts in their respective fields. The most innovative and popular ideas will be presented to key decision makers within the County. They make the final decision on all ideas.

Read Suggestions
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All County employees are eligible to submit IDEAS to the IDEA Machine and may be recognized in different award categories which are part of the IDEA Rewards Program/ ESP. Your IDEA may improve the quality of government services. Recognizing your IDEA and others that are successfully implemented stimulates morale and increases productivity.

IDEA Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

The Idea Machine is an online employee suggestion tool dedicated to sharing innovative suggestions for improving how Miami-Dade County does business.