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Who Benefits from INFORMS?

  • All County Employees
  • Board of County Commissioners (BCC)
  • Budget Personnel
  • County Mayor
  • Executive Management, Department Directors, Assistant Directors, Division Chiefs, Managers and Supervisors
  • Finance Personnel
  • Human Resources Personnel
  • Information Technology Personnel
  • Residents
  • Supply Chain/Procurement Personnel
  • Vendors

Executive Steering Committee

Executive ERP Governance Board
Daniella Levine Cava, Mayor
Steering Committee
Ed Maquez, Chief Financial Officer
Cathy Jackson, Audit and Management Services 
Alex Muñoz, Internal Services 
Margaret Brisbane, Information Technology 
Barbara Gomez, Finance 
Barbara Galvez, Management and Budget 
Arleene Cuellar, Human Resources 

Accountability: To whom and for what are we accountable? How do we experience accountability?

  • We are accountable to our residents, elected officials, colleagues, other government entities, visitors, and business partners
  • We provide high quality, efficient, excellent public service every day to our stakeholders
  • We monitor our performance and improve ourselves through customer feedback and internal department and external surveys, 311, elections, citizen advisory groups, business process reviews, rating agencies, and audits

Incentives: How do we motivate people to achieve the results that we seek?

  • We set expectations for the departments and employees which are objective, specific, and achievable
  • We enhance our two-way feedback, both internal and external
  • We provide clear job descriptions
  • We invest in our employees
  • We act on lessons learned and track them
  • We incentivize our employees by showing them respect and appreciation

Culture: What are the unwritten rules that drive behavior in our organization? 

  • We empower and engage employees in decision making
  • We embrace the opportunity to change and improve
  • We foster teamwork and collaboration
  • We reward innovative and diverse ideas while encouraging continuous improvement
  • We measure and improve our customer service focus
  • We model leadership through trust and accountability
  • We embrace trials and experimentation within agreed upon boundaries

Purpose: What difference do we want to make for the people who live and work in Miami-Dade County? What constitutes success and how will we know?

  • We ask citizens what they need and want from their government - we aim to deliver a higher quality of life now and into the future
  • We provide services they want, need, and even those that they don’t know they need
  • We provide the needed services that the private sector does not want to
  • Our success is measured via results-oriented feedback loop

Control: Who makes what decisions? How are authority, responsibility, and accountability aligned?

  • We focus on outcomes for customers
  • We control through delegation based on established procedures and policies that empower employee compliance
  • We achieve accountability through education, feedback and skin-in-the-game
  • We do random sampling to follow-up
  • We make decisions at the appropriate level of authority to achieve the desired outcome