What is the best way to humanely trap a cat for TNVR?

Below are a few tips on trapping community cats.

  1. You may have more success trapping if you withhold food 24-36 hours prior to trapping and then trap at the usual feeding times.
  2. Place a thin layer of paper in the trap if the wind is not too strong to move the paper around.
  3. Place the bait, usually canned cat food or tuna fish, into the far back of the cage and secure the door with the clip.
  4. Place the cage in an area where stray cats are often observed.
  5. Place the cage on a level surface. If placing on grass and soil, make sure the door will close completely.
  6. After setting the cage, it may be helpful to place a sheet or pillow case over the cage
  7. Remove yourself from the immediate area.
  8. Check the cage as often as possible. It is not recommended to leave the traps unobserved for any length of time.
  9. After the cat has been caught, completely cover the cage with a sheet or a large pillow case. This helps to calm the cat.
  10. Do not allow children or pets near the cage.
  11. Place the cat in a protected area where the elements will not harm the cat and transport it to Miami-Dade Animal Services as soon as possible.
  12. When transporting the cat in a car, place a trash bag or tarp under the cage. Keep the cage covered. Do not transport the cat in the closed trunk of the car or in the back of an open pick-up truck
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