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Trek from pole to pole in 2021
September 10, 2020 — Human Resources

Are you an adventure seeker? Would you travel far and wide to discover new exciting locales? WellnessWorks has the challenge for you in 2021.

We are calling for teams of 20 employees to participate in the Walk Around the World Pole to Pole Challenge where they can travel from pole to pole and circle the globe starting January 1, 2021. The first team to complete this trek wins. There will be prizes at landmarks and milestones within the challenge for teams to win.

All team members must use the Healthyroads website to monitor their travel.

Registration will be open Sept. 14 through Nov. 15, 2020.

Here are the destinations you will learn about and explore:

  • Miami, Fl to Peru, Machu Picchu is 2,494.80 miles and 6,237,000 steps 
  • Peru, Machu Picchu to Brazil- Iguazu Falls is 1,460 miles and 3,650,000 steps
  • Brazil- Iguazu Falls to Kenya-  Maasai Mara is 6,135 miles and 15,337,500 steps
  • Kenya-  Maasai Mara to Antarctica-South Pole is miles and 15,725,025 steps
  • Antarctica-South Pole to Australia- Sydney is 3,879.02 miles and 9,697,550 steps
  • Australia- Sydney to New Zealand-South Island is 1,259 miles and 3,147,500 steps
  • New Zealand-South Island Stockholm, Sweden is 10,864 miles and 27,160,000 steps
  • Stockholm, Sweden to Europe-Spain -Barcelona is 1,416 miles and 3,540,000 steps
  • Spain -Barcelona to North Pole is 4,921 miles and 12,302,500 steps
  • North Pole to Alaska, USA- Kenai Fjords National Park is 3,261.6 miles and 8,154,000 steps
  • Alaska, USA- Kenai Fjords National Park to Miami, Fl is 4,012 miles and 10,030,000 steps

The steps were counted at 2,500 steps per mile. The grand total of miles among these stops totals to 45,992.43 miles and 114,981,075 steps.

Each team of 20 or less designates a member as team captain who:

  • Have expanded access to the portal
  • Are responsible for completing and submitting the Team Registration Form
  • Coordinate swag bag and milestone prize pick-ups for their team

Each team member:

  • Must appear on the registration form submitted by team captain
  • Be registered on the Healthyroads website
  • Have a device that is linked to their Healthy Roads account to track steps
  • Must be benefits-eligible prior to Nov. 30

All participants earn:

  • A 2021 WelllnessWorks shirt and other surprise incentives
  • Twenty-five wellness points each quarter towards the 75 points required for eligible entry to $250 quarterly raffles
  • Access to multiple individual and group challenges exclusive to the 2021 Walk Around the World Pole to Pole Challenge

Winning team members earn:

  • WellnessWorks mega swag bag
  • Day of wellness for their team
  • Bragging rights

Note that this is not a quarterly Steps Challenge where you register individually on Healthyroads. The registration form is required. Team members cannot be changed, added or replaced once teams are set up. Read the rules.

For more information about the 2021 Walk Around the World Pole to Pole Challenge, or device registrations send an email to


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