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Schedule a 3D mammogram exam
March 1, 2024 — Human Resources

To make mammography services more accessible to you, Florida Mobile Mammography is bringing its services to the following locations:

Mammograms are fully covered by insurance once a year for women 35 years old and over. Female patients under 35 years old must have a doctor's script. Patients without insurance coverage can receive a mammogram for $185. Patients must list a primary physician or OBGYN to receive a mammogram. Local imaging centers that offer ADA accessibility in the area can be recommended by calling 1-877-318-1349 or emailing as women in wheelchairs are unable to be accommodated on the mobile breast centers.

Schedule your preventive 3D mammogram exam online in minutes or by phone at 1-877-318-1349, option 4.

Schedule your 3D mammogram exam