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Win big with the Biggest Winner Challenge
December 30, 2022 — Human Resources

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WellnessWorks challenges you to focus on improving your health and fitness in 12 weeks with the Biggest Winner Challenge. Choose your challenge: muscle gain or fat loss.

Registration opens Jan. 9 and the challenge runs Feb. 13 through May 19.

To enroll email your name, employee ID and department to your department personnel representative or wellness liaison.

Start the challenge with an initial assessment to get a baseline. Two full-day visits will be scheduled at forthcoming site locations in a two-week span.

A mandatory final-week assessment must be completed for comparable metrics. A midpoint assessment can be conducted to determine progress and must be scheduled with the WellnessWorks team. This midpoint also allows for a reevaluation of a game plan for the final six weeks.

To assess body composition (total fat mass and total lean muscle mass), height and weight measurements, the Bodimetrix UltraSound system will be used. It is a noninvasive tool that completes the measurements in five to 10 minutes. Privacy is of utmost importance, and the biometric screenings format will be used when it comes to these assessments.

The ultrasound will utilize a standard three to four sites, or one site. If the three to four site test is chosen, the participant must come in athletic attire such as a t-shirt and shorts to access the specific sites. The choice depends entirely on the participants comfort and ease. The sites that can be measured are:

  • Men: chest, abdomen, thigh
  • Women: tricep, hip, abdomen and thigh

If participants do not come in athletic attire, a one site bicep measurement is the default site in order to participate. There will be no exceptions if proper attire is not worn at the time of arrival as it will delay, and increase wait time for conducting these measurements.

This year’s challenge will be both an individual challenge as well as a team challenge. The individual challenge will be designated by location and Countywide. The team challenge will only be Countywide. The individual that wins in each category (percent fat loss and percent muscle gain) for each location will win the $250 incentive. The participant who wins Countywide for each category (percent fat loss and percent muscle gain) will win a $500 prize (250 location winner/250 grand prize).

The team that wins each category overall Countywide will be crowned the Biggest Winner Team and will receive a team trophy. Each team member will receive a WellnessWorks mega swag bag. All teams will be assigned to a wellness coach who will assist and build programming. WellnessWorks webinars during this time period will be geared to the success of these metrics and goals, incentives can be provided during the assessments and 25 points for completing the challenge will go toward the participant's 75 points for the quarterly $250 raffle.

The individuals and team members that win will also receive one year of health coaching and body composition testing at no cost and if they maintain or continue to improve into next year. In the case of a participant's yearlong hard work they will earn a mystery prize from the WellnessWorks team.

The primary focus at WellnessWorks is to provide the best in overall wellness programming for all Miami-Dade employees. For this reason, WellnessWorks have moved away from weight loss challenges and shifted to a goal of fat loss and lean muscle mass gain. The positive impact and long-term health benefits of decreased body fat and increased muscle mass are well established and researched.

Call 305-375-2352 or email to request material in an accessible format, information on access for persons with disabilities or a sign language interpreter (seven days in advance).