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Employee Performance Evaluations

A performance evaluation is a formal written evaluation of the quality of your work performance. At a formally scheduled meeting, you and your supervisor share candid, open and honest dialogue focused on your performance over an entire review period.

Performance appraisals are governed by Administrative Order 7-19. It is the policy of Miami-Dade County to conduct annual performance evaluations of its employees. Performance evaluations are used to:

  • Improve employee job performance.
  • Provide accurate information that may be used in personnel decisions.
  • Facilitate communication between supervisors and employees.
  • Assist in identifying and recognizing employees who have demonstrated superior performance. Employee Recognition is governed by Administrative Order 7-30.

Why performance evaluations are required

The evaluation process is one of the best tools available to convey, clarify and reinforce the County's vision and mission. The process provides supervisors the opportunity to ensure that you understand how your job performance is critical to the County's -- and your department's -- mission.

The completion of a performance evaluation is one of the most important responsibilities entrusted to supervisors. Supervisors have a clear responsibility to ensure that County residents are receiving the best possible services from their employees. Evaluations should reflect due diligence in the accurate assessment of your effectiveness as an employee.

How evaluations relate to your salary and promotions

Performance evaluations are directly related to your salary. To merit a pay increase, it must be directly related to your effectiveness on the job. Except as otherwise provided, no eligible employee may receive a merit increase unless the employee has received a satisfactory performance evaluation.

Also, performance evaluations play a decisive role in determining your chances for promotion. Evaluations affect your employment experience and can have far-reaching results in your career.

Types of performance evaluations