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There are now 200 reasons to switch to Sprint . Get a $200 Reward Card when you join Sprint. Plus you get a discount on select Sprint monthly data service.

Jungle Island

Go wild at Jungle Island this summer!

Employees receive a FREE one-day pass. Plus 50% off for up to four family members and friends. See flyer for details.

You Can Do That!

Back to School, Interest Free!

New VISA Platinum credit card holders can take advantage of 0 % interest for 12 months on all purchases made in the first 60 days. See details on website.

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Yes, with Dade County Federal... you can do that!
Florida Attraction Discounts


Buy One Get One
Visit LEGOLAND Florida with this special offer. So much to see and do, a family favorite!

Turtle Fest

Orlando's aquarium comes out of its shell to celebrate opening of new turtle exhibit!

SEA LIFE Orlando has hatched a new plan with the opening of Turtle Fest, an interactive exhibit at the aquarium paying tribute to turtles, tortoises and terrapins. The exhibit will teach young visitors all about these amazing reptiles, from their environments and diets to how they can help with conservation efforts to protect turtles from habitat loss, pollution and other environmental dangers.

Miami-Dade employees enjoy great discounts at the Orlando Eye, Madame Tussands Orlando and the Orlando SEA LIFE Aquarium. See flyer for more details.

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