eNet Roadmap

The employee network, or eNet, is an online environment for County employees where they can obtain information, collaborate, engage in communications and increase their efficiency with knowledge- and productivity-boosting tools. eNet is intended as a consolidating platform for all applications and systems designed to manage employee relations, and promote cross-departmental workflows. eNet’s mission is also to serve as the primary channel for Miami-Dade County employee community-building and knowledge-sharing.

Phase 1: Objectives
In its initial pilot phase, the employee portal eNet will establish the online medium for executive mass-communications, traditionally broadcasted by email. The secondary imperative, is to offer features which enhance morale and develop a communal sentiment. The third objective is a hands-on trial of workgroup productivity tools such as document sharing, discussion forums, project tracking and instant messaging, with the purpose of defining a standard package of portal tools, web services, application interfaces or generic functionality, for each department or for any of the County’s cross-functional teams.

In this first phase of eNet implementation, employees are encouraged to identify additional uses for the applications and tools offered, and to provide feedback on the overall portal navigation and information architecture. 10,000 employees have been identified as participants in phase one. Their selection was based on criteria such as engagement in cross-functional projects and workgroups, enterprise scope of work, departmental participation in efficiency programs, and executive or elected official-related job duties.

Phase 2: Objectives
In the second phase, 10,000 additional employees will be introduced to the eNet portal. Their introduction will be contingent on the interest and commitment to participation expressed by departmental leads. Phase 2 functionality will center around self-service enablement and back-end systems integrations. Such integrations will be prioritized through a selection process, whereby their feasibility and the achieved efficiencies and benefits will be evaluated jointly by business users and technical experts. These integrations will also be brought into the new security framework aimed at long-term full enablement of enterprise Single Sign-On. This will form the beginnings of a new enterprise governance program for employee productivity empowerment and online rights advocacy.

Phase 3: Objectives
During the third phase, business process design projects with portal as its technical and data framework will be targeted. Such projects can be identified as early as the initial eNet evaluations. In Phase Three, all efforts will be concentrated on establishing the employee portal as a primary point of content and knowledge contribution, so as to affirm its role as the main employee information artery. The distinct existence of intranet websites published by different means/tools will need to have been phased out up to this point.

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